Eurohold publishes its European Fintech research

We are delighted to publish our European Fintech research. Fintech is one the most exciting industries showing major changes and disruption in the financial services market. We are continuously screening the European markets including some of the key trends and initiatives, new emerging companies by sector and the capital markets situation.

It is pretty unique to see a tech sector attracting so much interest from both technology investors and corporates. Initiatives and new ventures are continuously happening from all over Europe. For the first half of the year 2017, we have seen 179 deals closed for around 3 b$ investments for seeds, early stage and late stage capital. We do anticipate that this trend will continue, driven among others by Blockchain, PSD2 and mobile technology.

Eurohold FinTech Report – November-2017

Bruno Tourme

Managing partner, Head of Technology

cell: + 44 779 983 2218