Business Networking which works

MAY 19, 2018

I have been in Barcelona for three years and attended many networking events. Of course everybody loves to be outside on a roof in the sunshine but many events were little more than corporate flirting.

That’s why I was keen to invite good speakers who had real expertise in their respective areas.

Jean-Francois Alandry is one of the leading Corporate finance experts in Spain.  He is one of three MD’s of Eurohold. He is the type of professional “who knows everyone” especially investors, so when it comes to raising capital he is the guy to speak to.

If you own a start up or company, after you have passed through the initial two years of joy and pain that all start ups go through, its time to decide will this business always be small or will you discover how to scale up in terms of product, clients, revenue and profit. This session will help you move forward. (Or your money back!) It’s fee entry by the way but pre-registration essential.

See the event here 

Jim Kent

Founder and MD BarcelonaCityFM 107.3