Futura retail has merged with eFulfilment and Höltl under the umbrella of ROQQIO Commerce Solutions GmbH

Going forward the three companies will be focusing on creating a fully integrated omnichannel solution for trading companies which connects all of their sales channels with no limits.

Shopping via all channels: Customers nowadays want a seamless shopping experience, whether they are buying online via an app, on their computer or in person in branch. The goal for many retailers is therefore to connect their over-the-counter and digital sales channels in such a way that they perfectly complement one another. “The key to creating a limitless customer journey is to have an integrated omnichannel software that covers all the processes of the supply chain, from order management and logistics through to distribution. This is what all 230 employees of the new group will be collectively working on going forwards,” says Vanjo Wandscher, CEO of Futura Retail Solutions AG. In addition, the three companies will remain active in their segments and respective markets and continue to expand their offerings.


About the companies:

eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH:

The Ludwigsburg firm was founded in 2004. Its e-business software eF|CommerceEngine acts as a control centre, combining and automating all of the relevant cross-channel processes. It adapts perfectly to existing systems and extends their infrastructure to include missing functions.

Futura Retail Solutions AG:

Futura Retail Solutions, based in Hamburg, was founded in 1975. It specialises in ERP and store solutions including online checkout and the mobile tool “Futura4SalesAssistant”, which offers sales advice.

höltl Retail Solutions GmbH:

höltl Retail Solutions was founded in 1972 in Bad Hersfeld. The company offers comprehensive cash desk and ERP software solutions. In 2018 the software firm introduced its self-checkout app “BuyBye” to the market.

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