For over 30 years, Eurohold has offered a full range of Corporate Finance services to Global Companies, Private Equity Funds and Private Companies

  • Acting from the conception to the structuring and the closing of the transactions
  • Providing  long-standing experience in each step of the process:
Information Memorandums
Transaction definitions
Funding structures
Counterparty identification
Supervision and management of confidential information and documents
Negotiations organization
Due Diligence and Vendor Due Diligence supervision
Data Room organization
Supervision of all kinds of contract draftings (including Letters of Intent Memorandums of Understanding and SPWA (sale/purchase and warranties agreements)

Eurohold delivers tailored advice to its clients (buyers or sellers) and supports them across their local and cross-border operations

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Consulting in Private Equity
  • Financial and Strategic Consulting
  • Financing

Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Purchase Mandates
  • Sale Mandates
  • Private Placements
  • Valuations
  • Joint-ventures
  • Divestments of non-strategic activities
  • Capital restructurings
  • Sale/purchase of assets
  • Spin-offs etc…

With in-depth knowledge in many industries, Eurohold provides trusted and confidential consulting services to:

  • Global or national companies in their external growth and/or divestment strategy
  • Private independent companies in their total or partial sale strategy

Private Equity Funds Consulting


  • MBO
  • MBI
  • Build-up
  • LBO
  • Secondary Buy-out
  • Public to private (PtoP)
  • Growth Capital

Eurohold advises international and national Private Equity companies:

  • In their investments, looking for the best opportunities in the most appropriate industry in order to optimize creation of value for the shareholders
  • In their divestments in competitive but restricted and very confidential processes

Eurohold also advises and supports private independent companies looking for a capital increase or a change in their shareholder structure.

Financial and Strategic consulting


  • Strategic Audit and Business Plan Valuation
  • Guidance in corporate development
  • Strategic alliances
  • Know-how transfer and licensing agreements
  • International expansion
  • Participation’s portfolio restructuring
  • Companies’ assessment for first public floatation
  • Outsourcing contracts

Eurohold advises global companies in their strategy of international alliances and in the study of potential investments in complementary sectors, as well as national and international Private Equity Funds looking for new investment opportunities in key sectors with possible concentrations, regulation or technology changes, etc…



  • Financing search for high leveraged transactions
  • Refunding of existing debts
  • Refunding pre-transactions
  • Staple Finance

Eurohold advises multinational and national Private Equity Funds looking for LBO financing or refunding of existing debts and private companies for their pre-transaction financing.