Annual Tech Entrepreneurs Dinner held by Eurohold

Eurohold held its annual tech entrepreneurs dinner where we gathered 100 guests mainly entrepreneurs with a selected number of international tech investors and Corporates. Started 3 years ago, this club have gained significant interest among the Spanish technology entrepreneur community including start up to much bigger companies coming mainly from software, internet, tech services, security.

Bruno Tourme, Managing Partner, Head of Technology and founder of this entrepreneurs’ club said: “We are absolutely thrilled to see such interest in our networking platform. Since the beginning, the idea is to have entrepreneurs as the core of our events and combining them with international and corporates from outside Spain. There are terrific companies and entrepreneurs in Spain but unfortunately they are often not enough known by the international financial investment and corporate community….This is precisely what this club is about.”

In order to illustrate this link between corporates and entrepreneurs, Olivier Alluis, Executive from Rakuten, shared the history, the strategy, the values of the group but also the rationale for investment in FC Barcelona.

Looking at the future, Bruno Tourme commented:” We are getting a high level demand in Spain for our advisory services and such events but also in other countries/regions in Europe that are less known by the investor and corporate world. Within the next few months, we will announce a number of additional services for our tech entrepreneurs community.”

Should you need to know more about this event and how we are helping entrepreneurs to navigate through their strategic development, please contact:

Bruno Tourme

Managing Partner, Head of Technology

cell: + 44 779 983 2218


Eurohold is an international investment bank focusing on technology, services, retail and healthcare. We typically advise small and medium size business in their corporate finance strategy including : fund raising, recap, M&A, joint venture, strategic marketing toward investors/corporates. Eurohold has a presence in 16 countries including Europe, North America, Latam and Asia.