Eurohold a Dynamic Financial Consulting Firm

Eurohold a Dynamic Financial Consulting Firm

As a principal in the dynamic financial consulting company, Eurohold, Pascal Vieilledente has continues to steer his firm clear of our recent economic turbulence. His foresight has enabled Eurohold to continue to successfully broker mergers and aquisitions throughout the crisis.

The performance of Eurohold serves as a lesson to other financial professionals and serves as a reason for potential partners and clients to do business with Eurohold. As opposed to many financial consulting firms, the future looks bright for Eurohold, in no small part due to the diligence of Pascal and his partners. « Eurohold was established in 1989 with its headquarters in Spain and does extensive business throughout the country, » he adds, « But over the past twenty years I have helped Eurohold to develop a network of business partners that places the company at the hub of financial activity in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway and Germany, » Vieilledente said.

With large clients such as Madaus, Kerry, Aegon and Indra, Eurohold’s key to success has been the ability to maintain long-term relationships with quality firms in key sectors of international business. Those sectors include: Information technology and telecommunications, Pharmacy and Health, Food & Beverage, Distribution, Business to Business services, Retail, Transport and Logistics, as well as the rapidly growing area of Environmental technology and consultation. The primary focus of Eurohold’s business compass points in two directions: Mergers & Acquisitions, and Strategy Consultancy.

Currently, Eurohold is one of the most active Mergers & Acquisitions companies in Spain. And that portion of the business has been a key to their success over the past eighteen months, when world financial markets have constricted and deals have been harder to make. Vieilledente, on the other hand, was able to complete ten deals in the fiscal year of 2009. That is an incredible rate of success given the economic environment.

The reason Eurhohold was able to have that success is a testament to the insight and adaptability of Pascal and his partners. Instead of looking for mega-deals, Pascal instead concentrated on making smaller deals that were highly leveraged. That enabled him to put together financing, with smaller capital requirements, while still providing the potential for large gains. Primarily using their own capital Pascal and his partners were able to cope with the recent general down-turn in financial activity and create a very positive and profitable economic investment model.

Vieilledente said, « I am optimistic about the future, both for Eurohold and the world economy. » He sees the current problems as a short-term anomaly in another-wise growing world market. With leadership that is able to discern profitable pathways in today’s financial markets, Eurohold is poised to become an even larger player in the business of international trade and finance in the future. Pascal Vieilledente’s business acumen and his ability to maintain trusting and profitable long-term relationships with his clients, large and small, is a big reason why Eurohold has enjoyed so much success.